Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Home?

I have this imaginary reality that we could move back to New Mexico and live a more peaceful life.  We have our church family there and friends that I miss.  I see us moving back to our old house (it will be newly rebuilt from the fire last month).  It may even save us money to move.

The downside is the kids don't want to move.  I know they've set up ties here.  Jacob has set up bad ties which he could easily set up in NM.

I think it probably just a dream not based in reality to move.  Don't we all have dreams that we think is best?  I'm waiting on an answer, but have pretty much determined moving is not the answer for us.

It seems that each time we move, it is measured with anxiety about starting over and an excitement of seeing new things.  If we moved back to New Mexico our reality may be different with a different atmosphere.

All in all I am very happy with my current situation.  I have come to love San Antonio, living near family, our church home and the people we know here.

But it still remains in the back of my head that just maybe a move back to Rio Rancho is a good choice.

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