Thursday, December 31, 2009


In 2009 I vowed to stop the complaining and have a thankful heart. While I wasn't always successful, I feel I had success. In 2009:
  • Mom conquered cancer again!
  • I had the best response from parents during teacher appreciation week.
  • I received all A's in my graduate classes.
  • We got Cat for Jacob. (such a cute and funny cat)
  • We've had more time with Justin.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed Jacob's 13 year old self.
  • Chelsea has made positive changes in her life.
  • I went on a cruise with Paul who I would marry all over again.

I welcome 2010. Thank you God that I can wake up in the morning with so many blessings.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I saw God wink

God winked at me. I know that he did. Sometimes you just know that you are pleasing God.
We spent hours shopping for Christmas and it was constant conversation with the kids. Jacob (13) loves to hear stories of when he was little. He laughs and smiles and seems to enjoy every story. Justin (21) will say "Mom, I don't want to hear that" or "Why didn't you stop me?" He finds it all so embarrassing. Chelsea (19) smiles when I talk about her silly 2 and 3 year old escapades and I can read her mind, "Mom, is being Mom and I will endure."
God winked at me and loves me and I love the memories. Forward and Upward to more beautiful memories.