Friday, March 1, 2013

When peace doesn't last

The peace didn't last long.  We have returned to this rambling, disconnected thought process that is so hard to communicate with.  He leaves the house and I worry if he will be stopped and police called, because just talking to him makes you realize he's not in his right mind.  I am distraught and anxious about what will happen in the next few minutes.  I want sanity and right now it's not in the cards.

I realize this anxiety is from Satan.  I had peace in God.  I found a list I'd like to share.

God's voice-stills you, leads you, reassures you, enlightens you, encourages you, comforts you, calms you, and convicts you.

Satan's voice-rushes you, pushes you, frightens you, confuses you, discourages you, worries you, obsesses you, and condemns you.

By taking the time to dwell in the peace, to realize you don't have control, and let go, you can find peace in chaos.

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