Monday, February 18, 2013

Thankful Journal Page 6

It is a happy day in our household-not because of anything particularly fantastic going on but because I have no crisis in front of me.  Oh, happy day!!!

Thankful Journal Page 6

-I'm thankful for the traffic opening up and being able to easily merge into a lane-those wonderful, God given joys.

-I'm thankful for a calm Valentines dinner with Paul.

-I'm thankful for being able to cook with Chelsea.

-I'm thankful for the good grade one of my little students made!

-I'm thankful that I have persevered and not missed a day's work since the house burned down.  Keep those depressing thoughts away from me.

-I'm thankful for the squirrels that run amongst our trees and provide delightful laughs at their antics.

-I'm thankful for the beautiful weather where I can go on a walk and get much needed excercise.

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