Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2nd week at San Marcos Treatment Center

We are in our second week at San Marcos Treatment Center.  From what I've heard the psychiatrist is looking more at depression and not the scary diagnosis we've heard in the past.  The councelor is working well with us and seems to be giving Jacob practical advice on how to get along with his family.

It's frustrating having Jacob hospitalized.  I miss not having him at home, having to get a pass to see him and then drive to see him, not having easy access to hospital staff on what is going on with him...

In spite of it all, I try to keep focused on the goal-to get better coping skills and have a more successful 2013.  Without hospitals!!

I'm still vigilant with my thankful journal although I don't think my mood stays as positive as I would like.  It's hard to focus on good when you want to say- but I'm sick of being worried!  I need to keep going forward and not step back.

Phone calls can be hard.  He's so frustrated being there.  About 1 of every 3 phone calls is really good.  The rest tend to go south.  He doesn't see where we are coming from but the family counceling is working on that.

Thankful Journal Page 4

Day 20-It's a beautiful Monday.  Nice weather-75 in January.  A beautiful work day at St. Thomas Episcopal.  I appreciate going there and teaching.

Day 21-A calm morning with Chelsea.  We sat and talked about job opportunities.  She worked on her Algebra.  I gave moral support.

This is a picture from Ponderosa, New Mexico.  It reminds me of the calm I have sitting under the trees at San Marcos.  In San Marcos I see deer, birds, squirrels,...  Jacob loves any trails we can find.  I just wish my knees would cooperate and not hurt so much.

Day 22-I taught multiplication and division today.  Who knew I could accomplish that!  I'm so thankful for my circumstances.

Day 23-I received cardio through kick ball today.  Thank God for kids.

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