Friday, January 18, 2013

Thankful Journal page 2

It's easy to end the day thinking of the hills you need to climb.  I've found it helpful when I focus through-out the day on the little things that make life worth it all.

Thankful Journal
Day 6-I'm thankful for my brother calling to check on me.
Day 7-Even though it was just a few hours with Justin today, I'm very thankful for the time.
I LOVED sharing homemade slime with Aymee and Viviana.

Day 8-Sitting quietly with Chelsea is a pleasure I appreciate daily.
Day 9-I'm thankful for a husband who gets me coffee every morning.
Day 10-I'm thankful to visit with Jacob.
I'm thankful the vet took $100 off the bill!!  Two surgeries for $310 is much better than the original bill!

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