Thursday, January 24, 2013

The simple things

When you go through trials it can be hard to focus on anything but getting through the trial.  I believe, through my thankful journal, I am better able to focus on the little things that make life happier.  It is okay to be happy even when sadness surrounds you.  I think I've given myself permission to smile even though my son is hurting.  I don't know if he can gain strength through my positive attitude, but I do know that when I get upset, he's the first one to become sad because I am sad.

Getting through the days can be hard.  You want to solve the problems, and get on with life.  It's not always that simple.  The burden is heavy.

I remember my favorite moments-the simple little things:  a cup of coffee in the morning, sitting on the front porch, conversations with loved ones, cooking with my children, relaxing in the hot tub, having a clean house, reading a book, hearing the ocean, making someone smile, a hug, a back rub, and so much more.  I am blessed.

Be joyful always (I Thess. 5: 16)...finding joy in the simple little things.

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