Thursday, January 10, 2013

More challenges

The schizoaffective disorder, mood disorder, chemical dependency, or whatever we are dealing with, is posing questions about what to do next.  We have had monthly episodes to deal with and no recognition (no reality setting in) of just how disturbing this is to the calm, happy family life we have when he's not in a manic episode.

He's in the hospital now and we are looking for the next step.  He resist medicine but he needs something.  We need a mood stabilizer that will calm the outbursts, agression, and difficulties he poses.

Paranoia is a part.  He has paranoia about flouride in his toothpaste, products tested on animals, expressions someone might make...  It makes for a difficult challenge because the break from reality makes it impossible to rationalize with him.

The worst was getting kicked off of Carnival cruise line.  I understand, they didn't know whether he would throw himself overboard.  Paul is angry and felt you shouldn't send someone with a mental disorder off into Mexico-setting him up for more problems.  He got home safely.  Life is calm with him in the hospital.

We are praying diligently that this is not a lifelong experience.  I don't know how I could ever deal with this lasting forever.  Forever is a long time.

I ask about his future-driver's license, high school diploma or GED, could he ever work?

Psalm 94:18-When I said, "My foot is slipping," your love, O LORD, supported me.

II Tim. 2:1-Be strong in the grace that is Christ Jesus.

Psalm 51:10-Renew a steadfast spirit within me.


  1. I too get overwhelmed thinking about "forever" and feel overwhelmed. I just try to focus on now and whatever crisis is happening. It's kind of trite, I know, but it can help to just keep your eye on the ball and deal with things as they happen.

  2. Hi Angie,

    Sometimes hospitalization can help an individual come to terms with their illness, hopefully your son is getting adequate support he needs to learn to cope.