Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's ruled it's ugly head

After 7 months of being virtually symptom free, we are back in turmoil. He has not being taking his medicine consistently and started with an angry outburst 10 days ago. This time has been different because the first few days we had mania (he was very happy) and he had a day of disorganized speech. Then the aggression started. He has been aggressive every night the last 4 nights.

I don't know what is part of schizophrenia or bi-polar and what he should be able to control. One time I told him to stop cussing and he said "The girl made me cuss and I get the consequences." Another time he kept saying that he wished the "guy" would stop and that he hated being this way.

Is the anger and cussing which has been the major symptoms of the last 10 days part of the mental illness? If so he is going to hit someone at some point and end up in jail. At one point, he grabbed his dad's arm digging his fingers in his arm and biting him. His dad now has 2 different cuts and redness on his arm. He said that he did it because he wouldn't stop talking. I have seen him get frustrated with people talking many times. It's not like we can be on guard to not talk to him too much.

This episode is very different because he can seem fine. He can be very coherent. He can reason. I'm so confused about what to expect from him. We go to the psychiatrist tomorrow but I don't expect answers. I hope I'm wrong. I probably should join a support group. I need answers and I'm not getting the help I need.

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