Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life without major symptoms

He has been virtually symptom free for 7 months. We have not seen him act manic, hear voices, have delusions, or have disorganized speech. Paranoia rules its ugly head from time to time and he can also give human feelings to objects.

The paranoia I take with a grain of salt. Maybe I should be more concerned. I just don't see it disrupting his life. Some of the things he is paranoid about are-he believes we should not come in his room with shoes on because it will contaminate the area. He believes his dad is out to get him. He has overheard people talking on their cell phone and thought they were talking about him. He believes that fluoride disrupts dreams.

He frequently gives human feelings to objects. He names his plants and is very concerned with how they are treated. He believes that water goes through bends and curves and thus becomes unhappy. Since the tap water is unhappy, he only drinks bottled water.

The months without schizophrenic episodes have helped me heal. I'm not in a constant fear of what he'll do. He still can get frustrated when talked to too often but is generally in a good mood. He gets together with friends. He smiles and laughs. He enjoys life. This helps me to enjoy life also.

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