Monday, March 17, 2014

At a better place

I've finally got some answers. The psychiatrist said that the anger is absolutely part of the mental illness. The person we see between episodes is the real him. This was good to hear because when you are in the middle of it trying to give consequences it doesn't work. Now we just ride it out and talk to him about it as the need arises.

We are back to normal now. No yelling, or talking to himself. We are able to have a conversation. All is well.

I think I am feeling better not only because he is well but because I got a job offer. I was able to quit what I was doing (that I was getting very frustrated with) and return to working at the school. Hopefully this will give me the outlet I so desperately need.

Yesterday was peaceful. A nice morning in church and then some light housework.

It's still hard to talk about mental illness and the toll it takes on the family. I can't imagine the load it puts on the person with the mental illness. It is easier to get through the episodes now. I keep my composure somewhat better. I try to keep smiling and realize he doesn't mean much of what he says.

Yes, life is good right now. My babies are all safe and happy. I appreciate my husband and all he does. I'm at a better place.

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