Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mental Illness can be scary

I can almost say without a doubt that my son is not taking his anti-psychotic medicine. We've had more than 2 months of him being stable. We have gone out to eat, to movies, to the beach, to the grocery store. When he is psychotic nothing is easy. Leaving him alone or taking him with me can be anxiety filled.

It's like I'm counting the days for another episode. I sit on the couch just so I'll be there if anything happens. Sometimes my life shuts down. I haven't let that happen lately. I've kept going, but I do worry that he will have another scary episode. You never know what is going to happen-anger, sadness, voices, delusions, or mania.

I read an article on depression ( I can relate to this article because I believe just like my son's schizophrenia that he has no control over, depression is also not a choice. What people say and how they react to you makes a difference in how your day goes.

After reading the article, I realized that I had many of the same frustrations. I count my blessings through-out the day and still feel the anxiety that comes from dealing with someone suffering from schizophrenia.

The last diagnosis was severe schizophrenia with a poor prognosis. This was HORRIBLE to hear. Mental illness is scary. People need to be educated that they can be a friend to those suffering with mental illness.

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