Tuesday, April 16, 2013

...the shiny side of things

Draw me into your heart...
dear Father,
until I cannot separate
my soul from Yours.
An honesty comes to me,
when I am close to You
in prayer.

It visits me in solitude.
It comforts me in loss.
It balances the rushing days
that I must address.
It sheds new light
on doubtful things
that I  must clearly see...
so gently it releases
the hold I often need.

I'm made to see
the simple;
the shiny side of things...
there isn't very much
I need
to make my spirit sing!
But to pursue
Your purpose,
Your vision and design...
and dearly
to treasure it
and slowly make it mine.

Allow Your grace,
dear Father,
to make its home in me,
and help me stay connected
to Your reality.
So often, it escapes me,
when plans fall apart....
and yet, these very
grow a willing heart!

Life is the seed;
the promise.
It has a need within.
It has to die
to selfish gain
and then,
You're welcomed in!
So raise such havoc
in me...
dear Father, I implore...'
until I quietly
listen to You
and my attitude
is restored.

by Ruth Cronin

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