Friday, February 3, 2012

Let us continue on...

As we travel through life, there are hurdles. I was listening to KLOVE this week and I will paraphrase what I think I heard. It is through the trials of life that proves our strength in God. If we were never touched by Satan then it would appear Satan doesn't see us as a threat. Satan certainly tempted Jesus. If we are tempted, it is just another way we are following the footsteps of Christ.

It is our job to overcome Satan, follow God and become stronger through the process. We are dealing with psychosis in the family and it isn't easy. The disease is frightening when you see it turn your child into someone else.

Through the "episodes" we are seeing Satan at his best, but I can visualize God holding us. My husband and I are standing strong against Satan. Satan hits us where we are most emotional and my children and my marriage are the closest relationships to my heart. As we go through the disease, try to find treatment, and all the trial and is easy to want to not pursue God faithfully.

Let us continue on in Christ.

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