Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time for everything

I haven't completely been able to understand how there is a time for everything. Sometimes you think, this has got to be the worst time for this. Difficulties seem to come by the bucket load lately but we persevere, and keep believing that there is a time for everything under heaven and we will (in time) learn from the difficulties we endure and be stronger.

Whoever said to not run from trouble was right. I don't believe running away is the answer. Even though you can't possibly see the reason for the troubles and what you are gaining for enduring the trouble, it is still better to not run.

When I was having difficulty in 2006 from a number of places....children, family health, and work to name a few, I quit my job. I doubted my ability to work after that. At the time it was the only thing I could run from and I did. Was it the time to run?

More recently I have become unemployed again. This time the school closed; it was not me quitting. I have had a hard, hard time not working. Yet I keep feeling that not having a full time job is the best thing for me. I have been there for my son, I have enjoyed applying (laugh) for jobs along with the interviews, I have been able to attend morning ladies class at church, I have read books, I have painted, I have sewed, I have really enjoyed much of life that I was too busy to see when I was working full time. It was the time to be unemployed. I think.

Whether I will ever completely understand that it was the right time for something to happen, I will believe that everything has a purpose. We grow. We learn. At every time we can grow and learn.

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