Sunday, February 13, 2011

Examples of Godliness

There are people in your life that you can depend on. I think God specifically places these people like angels serving as instruments of His purpose. My first memory is Nettie Green bringing our family cinnamon bread. The next is living in North Dakota and Grace Hendrickson coming over to help me through the concussion I sustained, and get me back to church. There are many Godly people who have shown Christ through their actions.

I feel I have come full circle as I see my family as those bringing Godliness to others. I am proud to see Chelsea and her love for others as she gives the "extra cookie" to those coming through the drive thru at Schlotzsky's, and Justin as he works for Habitat for Humanity. I've seen Jacob from a very small child stand up for what he believes in and work hard to show others God's way. Now as he turns into a teenager, he's coming into his own and making mature decisions.

The men in my life that I am so proud of.

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