Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonderful Summer

I've decided that this is the most important summer I have ever had. When I wasn't commiserating over the pain in my knees I was spending time with my husband, my children, my friends and family.
Above is Scott throwing the first pitch at the Round Rock Express baseball game. Mom, Larry, Paul, Justin, Jacob, Deb, Craig, Larissa, Nathan, Tabitha and Annalisa were there to cheer Scott on.
Every Friday the ladies of our life group get together to eat. I was able to get together with Lori in New Braunfels. The fellowship of Christian ladies has been wonderful.
I loved going to Marble Falls with Paul...every walk, every quiet moment, every talk was time well spent. I love taking Jacob shopping. This child lives life like he feels it should be spent never criticizing others for making different choices.

My oldest two children have made me proud in their adult decisions. Justin loving college and Chelsea working steadily at her job making sure she can pay her bills.

Justin, Chelsea and I have many opportunities to sit, talk, and have laughs together.

This had been a wonderful summer.

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