Saturday, November 21, 2009

No worries

A parent of one of my students likes to say "no worries." Each time she says it I let out a deep breath and release some worry.

We took the time to get away to the coast 2 weeks ago and it was so good to relax. I did lesson plan before the family woke up, but I didn't worry about anything. I do love to lesson plan and figure out how to help my babies (students) learn.

Everyone needs this time to relax. I think I have gone through a period where I refused myself the time to relax and not worry.

I have now found out that not only do I have a mother with cancer but also a father with cancer. Not a good family medical history. I was told by a very wise niece that something good could come. I want to have a spirit of gratitude in the midst of the storm.

No worries.

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